It takes attention and perception to spot the lion among the zebra!

Welcome to the Perception and Attention Wiki

This wiki is intended to provide the reader with a background of the concepts and theories of perception and attention as well as influential contributors to these theories, key findings, and major objections.

Please use the navigation on the left to maneuver throughout the topics listed. In an effort to keep things as least confusing as possible, we've listed a brief history of Perception and Attention first followed by key finding and major objections according to the scientist who is credited for them. We hope you enjoy our wiki and are able to come across new information that assists in your understanding of the concepts of perception and attention!

Contributors to the Perception and Attention Wiki

Andrea Russo---Introduction/Conclusion/Content Pages, Wundt

Tessie Martinez--- Attention, Grammatical Editing

Stephanie Lyons--- Perception, Anne Treisman

Dillon Batenich---Introduction/Conclusion, Hermann von Helmholtz,

Genevieve Singh--- Irving Biederman

Robert Radtke---Kohler, Wertheimer