Psychology is a wide field with varied branches, including Clinical, Industrial Organizational, and Cognitive Psychology, among others. One of the more notable fields of psychology is focused on cognition, which concerns mental processes including learning, memory, thought, attention, and perception (McLeod, 2008). One of the most important events for this field was the Cognitive Psychology Revolution in the United States, which can mostly be attributed to the Second World War (Clandrum, 2012). This was important because of the necessity of conducting research on perception and attention for the many soldiers who would go to war and come back with brain injuries and psychological trauma. This event was also important because it marked the re-emergence of Cognitive Psychology (Muskingum's Cognitive Processes Class, 1997). There were several major figures that had a tremendous impact on Cognitive Psychology. Some of these great minds were Wilhelm Wundt, Max Wertheimer, Wolfgang Kohler, Anne Treisman, Hermann Von Helmholtz, and Irving Biederman.The findings of these prominent scientists is due to all their stunning and important efforts and research, but along with these great contributions came criticism and skepticism.

--Dillon B and Andrea Russo